Psychosocial therapy


  • Adults
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Children and Teenagers

To support you to master conflicts in interpersonal relations, as well as withstand crisis due to life and sense issues, so that you can reagain your ability to act or develop new abilities.

Methods from the systemical approach, solution and resource oriented  approach as well as pedagogics are used. Depending upon the issue being handled, methods such as: systemic constellation, development of strategies by means of existing resources and personal skills.
What can be treated?

Children and teenagers:
Truancy, anomalies in interpersonal relations for example: transgressive attitudes, dealing with rules.
Also issues that arise through life and sense crisis such as puberty, adolescence, separation of the parents, can be covered.

Communicative disorders within the family system, development of alternative parenting skills.

Adults and couples:
Couple therapy, marital crisis, life and sense crisis, burn-out and exhaustion.

Furthermore anomalies in interpersonal relations can be subject of discussion. Occasionally people have difficulties recognizing their pattern of behavior. Often they either wonder why others feel offended from their behavior or they feel offended from the behavior of others. These problems can cause a person to retreat, feel misunderstood or the person seems to be indifferent.