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Due to our education and extensive experience, we can take a look if counseling is sufficent or if a psychotherapy or psychosocial therapy is necessary.

Pedagogics and psychology are two different academic disciplines, but in some areas, they overlap. Pedagogics examines child raising issues as well as the conditions that make learning possible. Whereas psychology concerns itself with i.a. psychological processes that make learning possible or rather the procedures of learning. The word learning is often associated with school, study, or vocational training. This is partially correct. This form of learning is an acquisition of schoolbased knowledge and expertise. However, learning is a process of acquisition and adoption of knowledge, whether if it is schoolbased, through life experience or daily life.


Keeping the room in order is something most people learn from their parents (socialization). Most people do not learn this in the school, the university or through vocational training. But how many centimeters are in a meter, is one thing most people learn in school.

As non-medical practitioners for psychotherapy, we have methodological freedom. We are allowed to use methods, in the framework of a conversational therapy, that we deem to be helpful and expedient. Naturally we are bound to an obligation of confidentiality.

Our services:

Counseling und coaching


Psychosocial therapy

Soft skill training in form of Encouraging training


Distinction between counseling and coaching, psychotherapy and psychosocial theapy

Counseling and coaching focuses on  issues of non-theapeutical value.

Psychotherapy focuses on mental health issues and mental disorders listed in the ICD-10 (International category of diseases, book 10) to heal or alleviate the mental suffering.

Psychosocial therapy focuses on  treatment of anomalies in interpersonal relations as well as daily life.