Costs for psychotherapy

“Familiarisation” appointment free of charge. Duration: 30 Min.

Diagnosis and evaluation of questionnaires: 12,17€. These costs are incurred only at the beginning and end of the therapy process.

Anamnesis in the first session: 110,34€ one-off cost. Duration: 90 Min.

The time frame of the therapy sessions is 50 Min.

Therapy session: 100,40€

To begin 1-5 probatory sessions will be arranged. Subsequently further sessions will be individually arranged.

Cancellation fee for appointment cancellations less than 24 hours:  50,20€ every canceled appointment.

  • The above mentioned costs are the normal services. Depending upon necessity, further services may be needed for example: telephone consultation, conciliatory discussion with other treating physicians, interview with schools or other helper systems.

The additional costs will be discussed beforehand.

  • The costs do not apply to patients from statutory health insurances.  They do not cover the costs of non-medical practioniers, only for patients that receive cost reimbursement.

We offer sessions in home environments to patients with grave anxiety, phobias or physical disabilities. Besides the session costs of 100,40€ additional cost of 0,37€/Km  will be incurred.

The payment is due at the end of the consultation appointment cash only. Naturally we will issue a receipt and if necessary a detailed bill.

Psychotherapeutic treatments are VAT free under §4 Nr. 14a german Value Added Tax Act.