Cost consumption

Reimbursement procedures through health insurance or cost absorption through health insurance:
Private health insurance usually bear the expenses, provided your personal insurance tarif includes treatment by non-medical practitioners. It is better to clarify the bearing of expenses or a possible reimbursement claim in advance.
The statuatory health insurers normally do not bear the costs of our treatment unless you have an additional insurance policy.
By lengthy waiting periods for a therapy, it is possible for national health  insurance patients without additional insurance, to receive cost absorption from the statuatory health insurance. Contact your health insurer in advance and ask which criteria must be met for cost absorption. Some insurers request written rejections. For others detailed notes with date, time of day and result of the calls with the psychotherapist suffice.
The treatment can begin as soon as you have a written confirmation of cost coverage.

Youth social services:
We offer youth services for minors in co-operation with independent youth welfare institutions. Speak with the competent administrator from the youth social services (Jugendamt) or the responsible institution.

Persönliches Budget (Federal government):
According to SGB IX a application must be submitted to the competent authority. You can receive more information here.

As a self-payer:

  • you have no bureaucracy with your health insurance
  • your health insurance company doesn’t have the right to determine over the duration of the therapy
  • we are independent in the choice of treatment methods
  • the treatment is not registered and therefore your anonymity is assured


  • If you are paying taxes in Germany, therapy costs can be applied towards the income tax.

The financial court Münster determined, that psychotherapeutic treatments, are to be treated as exceptional costs (AZ: 3K2845/02E).