About us

The systemic constructivist, life-oriented as well as the humanistic approaches are influencial concepts of our therapeutical, pedagogical and consultative treatments and services. We view the systemic approach as the most effective method to enable self-help capabilities.

Humans construct their realities upon life and key experiences. We use the medium of speech to inform our fellow humans about our inner world. On the non verbal level it can be seen within a persons behavior.

From the physiological point of view, the brain does not acknowledge the words “yes” and “no”. It is our thought patterns and knowledge of speech that are aware of these words. With that in mind, it means the brain can not distinguish between what is “right” and “wrong”. Behavior is the result of the sum of experiences that have been made. These experiences are stored either consciously or unconsciously in the mind.

In turn, memory has influence upon behavior. Most of the time human behavior is purposeful. Whether the actions are consciously or unconsciously implemented, depend on the context and which objectives are to be achieved.

As our client, we see YOU as the expert of YOUR life.

Your shape of behavior has a reason for its existence. The developed strategies help you to overcome certain circumstances and situations.

This means: Everyone carries the solution to their problems within themselves.

The implementation of these solutions can be obstructed for various reasons be that from upbringing, consideration for others, fear or anxiety. This means that you know what doesn’t function. At the same time you have a conception, about how it can function,  that is hidden within you.

We see our task therein,  to accompany you,  to jointly find your hidden conceptions and implement these into your life or to accompany you, so that these conceptions can be realized to the possible extent.